Collection: Custom & Private Label

We make our rigs and can make yours too.  Want a standard rig with a little extra length, maybe a bit shorter? Want a smaller hook on some heavy cable, 20 feet of 400# mono behind your stainless leader? 24/0 hook on 40# fluoro, we have the materials and can put them together however you see fit.  Give us a call at 732-285-5115 or email us at to give us your specs or talk about options.  While there is no minimum order per se, pricing reflects materials, labor, and set-up.  Typically about 10 rigs will keep you close to retail plus or minus variances in material costs.  Monofilament and fluorocarbon rigs are the easiest to customize and typically have the fastest turn around times, cable (shark rigs) are more labor intensive to vary.

Private Label/White-Label

Does your tackle shop want to carry the perfect rig for your customers but you don't have the staff or don't want to deal with Federal Excise Tax?  Let us do the grunt work.  Give us your specs and we can build, bag, and tag it. We are the manufacturer.  


They are still available as a custom order.  Note that the cost of brown cable is 3x that of standard bright.  In a highly non-scientific survey taken of actual sharks in blue water between June and July of several years ago, when given the option of brown or bright cable, each participant in our survey chose the bait or swam away.  None chose cable.  Yes, we know, in dark waters and certain species the brown works better...we have it, call and we can get it organized.  


We can usually add an OCL Skirt to your shark rig for $3 within normal shipping time. After placing your order send an email with what skirt you would like on what rigs and we can send you a payment link for the skirts.


Expect one to three weeks, it could be less, but reach out, let us know what you are looking for, and we can get you a firm date along with your quote.
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